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Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…

…at this rate I might as well consolidate my fandom tags, huh?

…a little trip in the wayback machine

“Type 40″ by Chameleon Circuit

Don’t Be That Guy

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Ooh, press.

“In 2013 we’re going to have a much-reduced output and we’re going to focus on books by Doctor Who fans, it’s the 50th anniversary and we’re going to celebrate the Doctor Who fan rather than the show; all of our books will be ‘fan books’. The first one, which will be out in February and will be launched in LA at Gallifrey, is a definitive guide to the Master. This will include biographies of all the actors who have played him, an episode guide, background on the character and interviews with various actors, writers and directors. It’s currently being compiled by a very talented film historian called Sparrow Morgan, although it is as-yet untitled.” From Starburst Magazine

Of course, now that it’s been properly announced with a release date, there’s no wiggling out of it. So, I shall deliver. Though my first instinct is to write “I am a fish” four hundred times, do a funny little dance, and faint.


Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favourite word is now your catchphrase.

So I suppose I’m The Biographer, and I’m on my third regeneration. I seem to wear fleecy pajamas a lot, and I spend my time with a nerdy, music loving coder who has a passion for conspiracies and secret societies.

ETA: …how do you make “defenestration” into a catchphrase, anyway?

Everything you need to know…

No idea who made this, but it is awesome.


Over at Whitechapel, Warren Ellis is running a competition of sorts to design the Thirteenth Doctor.  Some of the submissions are brilliant.  I think this one is my favorite, but only just.

For the Doctor Who peepz…

Here’s a nifty step-by step tutorial on how to make an amazing space graphic like this in PhotoShop.  It’s surprisingly easy!

…and here’s a tutorial on how to make an AMAZING light-up TARDIS cake.  It’s not easy at all, but good grief it’s awesome.

Matt Smith + Orbital = The Doctor’s Dance Party

Matt Smith is so gloriously nerdy.  I’m sure he’s quite mad, and really I love him all the more for it.