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Brownies so delicious they’re probably illegal in 26 states…

Start with your favorite brownie recipe, or ready-mix box, and make according to directions. Then add a box of your favorite flavor instant pudding mix.

Stir in a various assortment of nuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, crushed candy pieces, or mini marshmallows as you like.

The batter will be super-thick. Try not to eat it all as you scrape it into an oiled pan.

Drizzle on sundae toppings like hot fudge, caramel sauce, marshmallow fluff, butterscotch, etc. Drag a fork through if you like to be artsy, but don’t stir.

Bake according to your recipe’s directions, or until they seem done. The more sundae toppings you add, the gooier they’re going to be, even fully cooked.

They’re best warm, but keep for several days. Serve with ice cream if you dare.


As an atheist, I feel very strongly about the iniquity of attaching shame to our food desires and our sexual appetites. There are only two things that we actually KNOW we’re on this planet to do: eat and fuck. Go forth and be glad.

Mm. Metal.

In a private room at Quilon, the Michelin-starred restaurant in London, guests tried seven courses of delicately spiced southwest Indian food with seven different, freshly polished spoons: copper, gold, silver, tin, zinc, chrome and stainless steel.

Baked black cod with zinc was as unpleasant as a fingernail scraped down a blackboard, and grapefruit with copper was lip-puckeringly nasty. But both metals struck a lovely, wild chord with a mango relish, their loud, metallic tastes somehow harmonised by its sweet-sour flavour. (“With sour foods, like mango and tamarind, you really are tasting the metal,” says Laughlin, “because the acid strips off a little of the surface.”) Tin turned out to be a popular match for pistachio curry. And Laughlin sang the praises of gold as a spoon for sweet things: “Gold has a smooth, almost creamy quality, and a quality of absence – because it doesn’t taste metallic.”

The Sensoaesthetic Properties of Metals

My favorite recipe…

Tuna Casserole
Ingredients: 1 large casserole dish
Place the casserole dish in a cold oven. Place a chair facing the oven and sit in it forever. Think about how hungry you are. When night falls, do not turn on the light.

More at… Sartre’s Cookbook

Having a very bad week. Time to dig out No Exit. If the full-blown misery of a French existentialist can’t make me feel better about my life, nothing can.


And, as our food supply becomes ever more globalised, I can’t help but imagine that more and more producers of “luxury” foods will seek to make their product even more desirable with reference to a hyper-specific, utterly imaginary atlas of aspirational origins. Chinese fois gras will come from the French-sounding Beauchâteau, Vietnamese mozzarella will be marketed under the faux-Italian name of San Legaro, and the role of geography in food description — originally intended as a means to reconnect consumers and producers — will end up further disguising the industrial commodity chain while creating an entirely alternate universe, made up of the places that we dream our food comes from.
Edible Geography “The Atlas of Aspirational Origins”


If you’re at work, be sure to turn down your volume first…


…you can even draw with them.  WANT!


The Threadcakes competition has begun, and as usual there are already some amazing entries.  If you’ve got an hour or two to kill, go check it out!

Mmm, nerdy.

I have just discovered The Drunken Moogle, a website devoted entirely to drinking and videogames.  I thoroughly approve, as these are two of my favorite things, and together they’re better than brown paper boxes tied up with string!

The Triforce
1/3 Goldschlager
1/3 Banana Liquer
1/3 Sugar Cane Rum

Well, I know what I’ll be serving at our next geek gamer party.

…BRB Kahlua Mocha, Johnny Green, splash of buttercream coffee creamer, top w/ half n half and milk.  IDK what you’d call it but hot damn it’s good.  I feel drunk just thinking about it.  Oh, wait.  I bet it’d be awesome with some cold coffee, over ice.  I’d try it now, but that would require making coffee, and it IS 4AM.


Easter’s coming up, and I know some of you love the holiday, and quite a few more of you love the chocolate, so!  Dyeing eggs was always my favorite thing about Easter, even more than trying to find them the next morning.

If your local stores haven’t been inundated with dye packs, here’s handy instructions on how to dye eggs using natural dyes.  If you feel like going the full distance, here’s instructions on how to make real chocolate filled eggs.  These always fascinated me as a kid, they’re much easier to make than you might imagine, and they’re so much fun to crack open, especially when they have a surprise inside!

Or, if you’re a lazy, discount chocolate muncher like me, pick up some Peeps at the store, along with chocolate bars and graham crackers, and make S’meeps!  They’re delicious and slightly subversive, just the way I like my post-holiday candy.  You can also microwave them — just be careful, the Peeps don’t actually lose shape when they’re heated, so stick to about 15-20 seconds and let them cool first, lest you end up with a burned finger / Peep bite!