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In the last few days I seem to have become totally addicted to the My Little Pony iOS game. So much so that I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time browsing Brony boards and /r/MLPIOS for hacks and spreadsheets of all the stores and ponies. SPREADSHEETS, people. I am using spreadsheets on a game designed for six year olds. I’m pretty sure there’s no cure for what’s wrong with me.

FML. At this rate I might as well move to a rock farm.


Super Mario Bros as played on a brick wall.  Matchmove artists are amazing.

Flawless Victory!!

So.  Somebody’s gone and made a teaser for a new Mortal Kombat movie. It’s kinda awesome, and I hope they don’t sue him, but rather hire him to write and direct a full-length version.  I loved the original movies (shut up), I’d totally go see an R-rated reboot…  Just so long as it’s got Robin Shou.  I may have really low standards for videogame movies, but I seriously need my cute kung-fu action.

Fair warning, the embedded vid is gory.

A slime draws near!

So I picked up a copy of Dragon Quest IV tonight, and it is so awesomely old school, I can hardly believe it. I’m like thirty-one flavors of jazzed right now.

I actually got my copy of the first Dragon Warrior game for subscribing to Nintendo Power* which was good, because I don’t think I would’ve actually bought a copy. It wasn’t my demographic, wasn’t marketed to me, didn’t look interesting on its own right, I hadn’t gotten into RPGs yet, etc, etc. It took me a while to finally play it, but once I did I was so hooked. Dragon Warrior is still to this day one of my favorite videogames of all time, along with the original Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and ExciteBike (yes, ExciteBike, bite me).

When I lived in North Carolina, and we got snowed in for a week, we spent hours sitting around eating snacks and watching each other play Dragon Warrior. It’s not exactly a spectator game, but that’s still one of my happiest memories. Good thing we had lots of junk food, I imagine nerds are rather quick to turn to cannibalism in a situation like that — and by the time the roads were cleared, man, we were so ready to murder one another, trufax.

So anyway, awesome new top-down RPG makes for a happy bird.

*(Amusing fact, I subscribed to Nintendo Power from issue ONE, and kept my subscription through when F-Zero came out. I even got their little gold subscriber’s wings. Man I wish I still had those!)


Here’s another awesome little browser game, Sushi Cat!
It’s kinda like Plink-O with bounce, and it’s really, really super cute.

Mmm, nerdy.

I have just discovered The Drunken Moogle, a website devoted entirely to drinking and videogames.  I thoroughly approve, as these are two of my favorite things, and together they’re better than brown paper boxes tied up with string!

The Triforce
1/3 Goldschlager
1/3 Banana Liquer
1/3 Sugar Cane Rum

Well, I know what I’ll be serving at our next geek gamer party.

…BRB Kahlua Mocha, Johnny Green, splash of buttercream coffee creamer, top w/ half n half and milk.  IDK what you’d call it but hot damn it’s good.  I feel drunk just thinking about it.  Oh, wait.  I bet it’d be awesome with some cold coffee, over ice.  I’d try it now, but that would require making coffee, and it IS 4AM.


*snicker*  It’s true.  (Manly Men Doing Manly Things)

Okay, this is now my favorite game ever.

Super Mario Bros. with alternative characters, complete with the original 8-bit music for each character.  It’s not just awesome.  It’s Awesome-Tastic!

Mint and I were talking about classic games the other day, and we agree, the reason we still enjoy them so much is not just nostalgia, though of course that’s part of it.  It’s because old-school games are still fun, despite the leaps and bounds technology has taken, they’re still entertaining, and even after all these years they’re still challenging, (at least to us non-3733t g4m3rz, yo).  Three decades later it still retains its playablity, wow.

…also, I do not think I have ever heard the studio version of “Psycho Killer” until now.  (Hey, I’ve seen David Byrne live twice.  I just really prefer Stop Making Sense to their studio stuff.  So sue me.)  Stop Making Sense, totally an album with lasting appeal.  JUST LIKE SUPER MARIO BROTHERS.  See?  I tied it all together.


Two brilliant ways to waste… oh, at least five or ten minutes.

Tetris Hell

Imperfect Balance

Tiny Castle

For all you gaming purists who bemoan the dearth of side-view puzzle/action games like Castlevania and Prince of Persia, here’s Tiny Castle, a fun little flash game that will eat far too much of your time if you let it.