Okay, this is now my favorite game ever.

Super Mario Bros. with alternative characters, complete with the original 8-bit music for each character.  It’s not just awesome.  It’s Awesome-Tastic!

Mint and I were talking about classic games the other day, and we agree, the reason we still enjoy them so much is not just nostalgia, though of course that’s part of it.  It’s because old-school games are still fun, despite the leaps and bounds technology has taken, they’re still entertaining, and even after all these years they’re still challenging, (at least to us non-3733t g4m3rz, yo).  Three decades later it still retains its playablity, wow.

…also, I do not think I have ever heard the studio version of “Psycho Killer” until now.  (Hey, I’ve seen David Byrne live twice.  I just really prefer Stop Making Sense to their studio stuff.  So sue me.)  Stop Making Sense, totally an album with lasting appeal.  JUST LIKE SUPER MARIO BROTHERS.  See?  I tied it all together.

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